What’s in my diaper bag-toddler


The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was buy my diaper bag. Its the Petunia Pickle Bottom “Embossed Boxy” bag. You can find it here. My son is now one so here is what I take with us when we go out.


E786748E-7875-48F1-B7B0-8AEB9ABDF62D (1).JPG



This is what the front of it look’s like when the changing pad is unzipped. **I took the actual changing pad that Velcros in out. I didn’t like how bulky it was and I always carried a blanket to change him on when he was little.



IMG_47341. Extra outfit. A shirt, pair of pants and socks. I rarely have to use them because I have luckily (knock on wood) had maybe 5 blowouts or reasons to need to use them.

2. Diapers. I have tried so many different types of diapers. I am going to write a post about diapers soon. I choose to use Pampers Baby Dry. You can find those here.

3. Wipes Case is this one and I use Huggies wipes here.

4. Doterra’s Balance oil. Truly I use this because my son likes playing with it and pretends to put it on his head and feet.

5. Honest diaper rash cream you can find it here. I have used many others but this one works really well for us.

6. Honest hand sanitizer gel: found here (This is just the one I happen to have in my bag right now)

7. Lotion: I love this one, we buy it in a bigger container so I put it in a little container so its easier to carry around with us.

8. Boogie wipes: found here. I LOVE THESE. My poor son has a runny nose and these are so soft and do not irritate his little face. He doesn’t seem to know the difference of the no scent and grape scented ones.

9. Not pictured (I forgot to pull it out) disposable diaper bags: I get mine here. I love these!




1. Most the snacks I carry are just in case snack like these Plum Organics Mighty 4 Nutrition Bars I get here.

2. Plum Organics Grow Well and Mighty 4 pouches I get here

3. Plum Organics fruit snacks I get here. Emmitt loves these. I give him when we want to give him a treat/desert. Or during church :/ haha

4. Gerber Puffs I get here.  I put them in a formula dispenser so when he opens the lid only 1/3 of them could possibly fall all over the floor. I got the dispenser here.

5. Disposable table toppers: found here. I do not necessarily mind if the child uses a table at the restaurant , I care more about him ruining the table or spilling food all over.

6. Camel-back water bottle: found here. Emmitt loved drinking out of mine that I would bring with us so I just decided to get him a couple of his own and they fit perfect in my bag.





I’m not going to list all of them and where I got them, but here are some of the toys we take with us, we rotate these often. No I do not take all of these at once, these are just Emmitt’s current favorites. He also does not use a pacifier but he loves to play with them, so that’s why its in the “toy” picture haha. It also depends on where we go. When we go to church we have some books we bring, when we go to the store we bring things he wont break when he throws it on the ground.


Momma’s stuff


1. Planner: I got this one from last months POPSUGAR box I am subscribed to, but Target has AMAZING planners that I might have a couple of :/  I try my hardest to keep up with my planner and bring it with me to write appointments, things I need to do, things I need to get, reminders, etc.

2. Zebra pens: I get mine here. I love these I have so many but I always have to have a pen with me and they write so nicely.

3. My glasses. I don’t see far away very well so I need these to drive.

4. Cheap sunglasses I got from Nordstrom Rack because they just get thrown in my bag all the time.

5. Coach wallet: I have had it for over 5 years and I still use it every day. Similar one here

6. Bag I got from an Ipsy box that I put random things in like perfume, lip gloss, etc.

7. My phone. I have a gold Iphone 6s



If you have any questions or any suggestions leave a comment below or email me!


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