34 things I love about Jordan

It is Jordan's birthday, so here are some things I absolutely adore about him. It is just a little cheesy. 1. The way he is with Emmitt and Dolly melts my heart 2. The way heΒ  looks at me, I feel so loved 3. His laugh is my favorite 4. He is an amazing cook… Continue reading 34 things I love about Jordan

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My Infertility Story

With all the posts about it being National Infertility Week, I decided to share my story. I was really hesitant, I dont like talking about it but after reading other girls posts it has helped me so much. Just by knowing I am not alone. Β I hope mine can at least help one person. I… Continue reading My Infertility Story

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Moore fall family photo’s

I love getting family pictures done. Β The last three formal pictures we have taken (maternity, first family pics/Emmitt's newborn, and these) have been taken by Heather Wagner Photography. She is AMAZING and the sweetest thing ever. If your in Utah check her out! We have some family that lives in Hobble Creek and their property… Continue reading Moore fall family photo’s