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Infertility Journey: My Miscarriage

Today was our 2nd baby's due date. As I look back on the pictures I took of my small bump and the video I recorded telling Jordan I was pregnant for the second time (which I cant post or he would be SO mad 🙂 ) I am beyond hurt and sad. I was so… Continue reading Infertility Journey: My Miscarriage

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How I travel with my toddler

  I dont know about you but packing and even thinking about flying with my toddler stresses me the heck out. Emmitt is a great child but he is a very active kid. He has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. We have usually always flew Delta but with Emmitt and… Continue reading How I travel with my toddler


What’s in my diaper bag-toddler

The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was buy my diaper bag. Its the Petunia Pickle Bottom "Embossed Boxy" bag. You can find it here. My son is now one so here is what I take with us when we go out. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ This is what the front of it… Continue reading What’s in my diaper bag-toddler